Why You Need A Fire Hydrant In Your Home

Fire hydrants are some most overlook yet very crucial safety components. You can find these metal pipes standing quietly and elegantly on the street, and they are rarely used. In fact, most of us utilise them as convenient resting places along the street. Apart from being common on the Australian streets, fire hydrants are an essential part of the fire fighting measures in our homes. 

The Importance of Fire Hydrant in Your Home

In Australia, it’s recommended that you install at least one fire hydrant at a strategic point in your home compound for emergency purposes. Here are the main reasons why you need a fire hydrant in your home:

To Put Off Fire

Fire hydrants are strategically installed to help in putting off the fire in emergency times. In case an inferno breaks out, and no fire fighting services are coming your way immediately, you can make use of the hydrant to put off the fire. They produce water at a high pressure for a stronger jet. This way, you are able to contain the fire immediately before it spreads to other parts of the house or destroys property. If you can’t get off the fire entirely, you will have slowed its spread before the fire brigade arrives.

Home Fire HydrantIt Can Be Used As Back-Up

During  house fires, anything can happen, and the fire could be too much for the available fire fighting machine. At this point, the fire brigade could make use of your hydrant to supplement their equipment. This will definitely prevent a lot of damages that could have been brought about by the inferno. It can also happen that the fire fighting machine becomes fault up arrival or while putting the fire. What if there is no other equipment in the vicinity? This is when the use of fire hydrant becomes crucial as a supplement.

Can Be Used As a Water Source

For small fire breakouts, a home fire extinguisher in Australia is useful, but for bigger fires a fire hydrant can be used as a constant and reliable source of water to fire department. There are instances when the water in the equipment may not have the capacity to put off the fire entirely, and thus a refill may be necessary. If this happens and the fire is in your neighbourhood, the hydrant at your place could be of significant help to the fire brigade.

There are the main reasons why you need to have a fire hydrant at you place. Installing a fire hydrant is a basic fire safety guide. The bottom line is to help and expedite the process of extinguishing the fire.


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