Use a Qualified Electrician and Avoid House Fires

A Qualified Electrician working on some wiringFire safety is everybody’s concern. A tiny spark can quickly lead to fire-related deaths through burns and/or suffocation. Fires in the home can also cost a huge amount, with many common household items often contributing to the hastened spread of the flames.

Family members, particularly young children, should be taught about simple tips on emergency preparedness and response in case of fire. Awareness and careful forward planning could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Basic Tips

Installing smoke alarms in your home will minimize the possibility of fire related deaths by about 50 percent. Ensure your equipment is always in good condition and functioning properly at all times. It is best to have these alarms stationed near where you sleep so you are woken up quickly and have time to escape if a fire breaks out.

Playing with matches and lighters should be prohibited among children. Tell them these are not toys. Store them out of sight where they cannot be accessed. Talk to your family, and especially children about what to do in case of a fire. Every household member should know where to go in case of an emergency.

Coaching the children in what to do when they hear the sound of a smoke alarm will give them a better chance of survival. When cooking in the kitchen, limit possible distractions. Don’t leave an open oven or lit stove unattended. Lit candles should be blown out before leaving the room or going to sleep.

Electrical Checklist

A safer home begins with the creation of a checklist of ways to prevent electrical fires and hazards. Loose-fitting plugs or electrical outlets can cause fires. These can be repaired by replacing missing or torn wall plates to prevent exposure of the wiring and its components. Unused outlets should be sealed especially if you have young children at home.

an electrician working on a fuse box in a homeDo not overload outlets with too many adapters or attempt to fit in too many appliance plugs. These may cause a short circuit. For cords, ensure they are not broken or cracked. Do not put them under the carpets or rugs or places where many people walk. Avoid nailing or placing them to the walls, floors or other objects.

Extension cords should only be used temporarily. They are not meant as permanent home installations. They should have safety closures to safeguard young children from potential shock or burn injuries.

When buying light bulbs, check the wattage to ensure they are compatible with your fixture requirements. Bulbs with higher wattage can be replaced according to the minimum requirement.

Install ground fault circuit interrupters in your kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, basement and garage, including outdoor outlets to avoid electric shocks. Ensure they are all functioning correctly.

Circuit breakers and fuses should be accurately rated according to the circuit that they protect. A qualified electrician can assist you in identifying the corresponding circuits and labeling the correct size that will be used.

If an appliance or electronic gadget blows a fuse or gives an electrical shock, unplug it immediately. Do not attempt to use it again unless it is repaired or replaced. Check for the presence of cracks in the wiring and connectors. Surge protectors may be employed to safeguard expensive electronics.

Electrical wiring defects are the culprit for many residential fires. Always check loose wall receptacles, wires or lighting fixtures. Observe whether there is a popping or sizzling sounds in the walls. Turn off and replace switches that easily get hot or light bulbs that spark and flicker periodically.

As you upgrade your home with more sophisticated lighting, electronic gadgets and appliances, your home’s electrical service capacity may be overburdened. If fuses show sparks or flicker, it is about time to increase your electrical service capacity or add branch circuits. Through the help of a qualified or licensed electrician, the appropriate electrical service requirements in your home can be achieved.

Skilled Electrician

A qualified electrician is an expert in the field with the technical background, basic principles and in-depth understanding of electrical systems, wiring and installation. They should be called upon to help you install new electrical plugs in the wall, install new lighting in a room, add wiring behind walls or install solar panels.

Based on your local council’s rules, accurate application of the building regulations is a must. A qualified electrician is a competent individual who has the sufficient technical knowledge, relevant practical skills and electrical work experience to know what to do in your particular situation.

a house on fire

Because we don’t want this happening to your house

A reputable electrician works in the strictest way as a safety precaution. They understand how risky it can be dealing with electricity. A professional electrician will always protect himself using protective equipment, and inspect the fuse box to ensure the wires are dead before starting to work to ensure there is no current in the wires or circuit. They will also conduct several checks throughout the installations to ensure that their work environment remains safe.

For a professional electrician, making a mistake can lead to serious injuries and even death. Settling for inexperienced staff or even trying to DIY electrical work yourself risks the lives of the people in the home. Being prepared for any eventuality is better than waiting for an accident to occur. Injuries can be prevented if you know how to ensure safety measures, and qualified electricians do.

Always consult a professional electrician if you require electrical work to be done in your home or business. This will give you peace of mind, and keep you and your family safe. Faulty wiring has no place in any safe household. While the costs associated with hiring an electrician can be high, the price is worth it to protect the lives of the ones you love.

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