Fire Safety- making your home fire safe!

June 25, 2014 Fire Chief 0

A fire can take hold in 3 minutes, but it only takes seconds to learn how to prevent one. Some easy things to remember that will make you fire safe are: Always turn off the stove before leaving the kitchen. You might forget and leave the house otherwise Move appliances away from anything that could potentially catch fire. For example, putting your toaster near the curtains in your kitchen is not a good idea. If you feel it necessary to dry your clothes with a heater, make sure they are far enough away that even if the clothes fall over they will not reach the heating elements Don’t overload power sockets. Having multiple power adaptors and power boards drawing from one outlet is a potential risk. Spread out your appliances to different areas of the house. Candles and naked flames are unpredictable, wind can make flames jump to other areas of a room and unextinguished candles can melt down and catch fire to a range of surfaces. All it takes to be fire safe is blowing it out before you leave. If there is a fire, a smoke alarm is one of the key items that will save your life. […]

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