Don’t Risk a Fire – Recycle Your Old Tyres

Over 20 million waste tyres are generated in Australia every year. This often creates a problem where people don’t know how to dispose of them. Whole tyres are not suitable for landfill for several reasons:

  • They take up large volumes of space in landfills
  • They do not easily compact
  • They can flex back to the top of the landfill after burial

tyrepileThis causes a dilemma where huge numbers of used tyres are left above ground with nowhere to go. While there are many avenues for recycling old wheels, including for use as retreaded tyres, to make rubber derived fuels, for the productions of rubber crumb, for use in arenas or as barriers, for silage production or in landscaping; yet many people choose the cheapest option and illegally dump the tyres or stockpile them in unsuitable areas. This illegal dumping or storage is a huge fire risk as tyres are extremely flammable. While there are large fines for offenders who are caught illegally dumping or stockpiling old, used tyres, many people still do not adhere to the law.

There are numerous problems associated with tyre fires including the toxic fumes that pollute the air, land and water near the fires with the many chemicals that are used in production of the tyres. Stockpiles of unwanted wheels also act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes that can spread disease throughout nearby communities.

As the problems associated with old tyres have become more well known in recent years, many companies working in the car and truck tyre industry have taken it upon themselves to encourage the proper management of tyres within the community. One such company is wholesale tyre distributor DTL. This exporter of Chinese can and truck tyres has actively been encouraging their clients to act responsibly when disposing of old tyres and recycle them whenever possible. DTL Chinese Tyres are not alone in this effort, and many other companies have been doing the same with a whole new industry being born of companies who recycle old tyres and turn them back into usable products.

As more and more people become aware of the environmental hazards associated with tyre fires, we hope that the amount of illegal dumping and stockpiling will be reduced. Increased fines have been somewhat effective but there are still millions of illegally dumped tyres all around Australia. If you see anyone illegally dumping tyres, please get in touch with your local law enforcement agency immediately. The sooner this toxic problem is curbed, the better off we’ll all be.

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