Preventative Maintenance Tips for a Safer Home

November 15, 2017 Fire Chief 0

When it’s sunny and dry. This is the best time to repair a hole in the roof. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Yet due to some quirk of human nature, people usually end up taking steps to get it repaired after it’s rained and water is pooling on their living room floor. Preventative Home Maintenance Tips If you’re reading this, it’s because you understand that preventative maintenance (fixing things while it’s sunny) is key to keeping a home safe and comfortable for it’s occupants. You also understand that the problem is much smaller before it rains. That’s good! That means that our list of preventative maintenance measures can be small and (relatively) easy. Let’s explore it. Take a Look Around The most important thing to do is to spend time paying attention to your home. Use your 5 senses to engage with it. Once you become aware of a characteristic of your home that may pose a problem, now or in the future, then you can do something about it. But like any problem, awareness comes first. Here are a few things you may want to check out: Water build up or water flowing toward the house. Soft, discolored, or […]