Basic Steps to Avoid House Fires

March 3, 2017 Fire Chief 0

House fire is one of the most common causes of deaths worldwide. It also brings damage to property, including valued possessions and memories. Complacency about building permits and regulations and negligence to follow precautionary measures despite strict reminders are the main reasons house fires occur. Fire incidents remain prevalent worldwide killing and injuring thousands, especially in countries where temperatures are high as well as in low-income, developing countries where houses are usually congested or are made of light-weight materials. Similar to any appliance that we keep on using, houses have their own shelf-life. They also age, especially the electrical wirings. As this happens, this can be a risk to those residing in a particular house. Insulation of the wirings results to excessive heat brought by overloaded circuits. Awareness on home safety concerns, particularly on  old wiring inspection, is essential to prevent fire incidents. Home repair stores usually sell electrical components and testing equipment. But if you know nothing about your home electrical maintenance, it is a good investment to hire a reputable electrician to check on your house’s electrical system. Qualified Electrician What makes a certified electrician? He is an individual with the technical background, basic principles and thorough understanding […]