Fire Safety Essentials for Motorhomes and Rvs

July 10, 2014 Fire Chief 0

Did you know there are more than 330,000 caravans and recreational vehicles registered in Australia? Fire – Our Friend and our Foe Fire, one of the elements of life, is a powerful and useful tool but also be a destructive force. Misuse or misunderstanding of it can lead to disaster. Bushfires are a major hazard here in Australia. Many Australians families will still remember the series of bushfire that plagued New South Wales in October 2013 (Figure 1). Figure 1. A photo of the NSW bushfires (from the ABC News Network) Australia is well known for its beautiful landscape that draws the attention of tourists and locals alike. Many of them like to use their purchase or rent campervans or motorhomes for their travels around. There are currently more than 330,000 caravans and other forms of recreational vehicles registered in Australia. As a moving home with many electrical and cooking appliances, one of the potential hazards in an RV is a fire. Regardless of whether or not it is involved in a road accident, fire hazard remains a potential hazard. Over the last decade, in New South Wales alone, the NSW Fire and Rescue fire fighters have attended over 1,000 […]